In 2013 and 2014, I wrote the weekly column Saturday Morning Cartoons for the fantastic filmsite Pretty Clever Films. Every Saturday, a new post about a different animator or filmmaker from all over the world, from contemporary masters like Hayao Miyazaki and Nick Park to art-house favourites like Walerian Borowczyk and the Quay Brothers.

For the first year, I focused in on animators from the dawn of cinema like Émile Cohl and Ladislaw Starewicz as well as early experimental animators from Europe like Walter Ruttmann and Oskar Fischinger. Beyond that, there were posts on Oscar-nominated Canadian filmmakers like Frédéric Back, Ryan Larkin, Cordell Barker and also legendary Disney animators like Ub Iwerks, Burt Gillett, Wilfred Jackson and David Hand.

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